“Trojan Horse” in the CHURCH Today

“Trojan Horse” in the CHURCH Today

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In the 1960’s Jesus Movement young people began to express themselves in several styles of music. They professed to believe in Jesus, but their lifestyle was drugs, free sex, and “radical politics”. They started playing instruments and singing love and peace songs (“Jesus music”). It was developed from rock, hip-hop, punk, blues, and country music and it became called Contemporary Christian Music (CCM).
Evangelical Churches, wanting to appeal to young people, began adopting CCM and worship music changed dramatically – for the worse! The “Trojan Horse” had been let into the Church, the “evil” that they had formerly opposed! Christian faith and Church attendance in America went into a steep decline, because “worship” has became a sham. We traded our altars, hymnals, and true worship for stages, praise bands, and emotional entertainment.
The chorus is the old hymn; “I have decided to follow Jesus” is this: “No turning back, no turning back”. That doesn’t mean “No looking back”; if we don’t look back and see what it was like many years ago, we won’t realize how lukewarm the Church has become today! People my age (81) remember when there was fire in the pulpit and fuel in the pews.
Worship is an altar, not a stage. It is not entertainment, or a display one’s talent. Worship is a posture of the heart in response to God in singing Godly hymns. The Psalms teach us about Godly worship. Phrases are repeated only TWICE! Psalms titles (in Hebrew) mention cymbals, flutes, harps, lyres, stringed instruments, and trumpets. Drums (ROCK sounds) are NOT mentioned.
Faith doesn’t come by singing unbiblical songs written for an artist’s profit. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God and most hymns were developed from the Bible. Few are the Godly hymns written today (i.e., “Ten Thousand Reasons”, “In Christ Alone”, “My Chains Are Gone”, etc.). Churches need to throw out the entertainment mentality. Gimmicks, praise bands, and programs won’t grow the Church.
Psalm 127:1 Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it:
Churches who strive to be relevant using CCM only make themselves irrelevant.

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  • Reply July 17, 2023


    Believe it or not God can be worshiped without music.

    By faith Jacob, as he was dying, blessed each of the sons of Joseph, and worshiped, leaning on the top of his staff.
    Heb. 11

    Too many have replaced congregational worship with a concert. I won’t attend.

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