Toward a Pentecostal Theology on Giving and Tithing

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Susan Duckett |


I am going to ask this but then I have to go to bed so I will join the conversation in the morning. What is your take on tithing? I tithe 10% of everything that comes into the house. I also tithe on the gross amount of income instead of the net. I was always taught to do that. Is tithing something we no longer have to do since we are not under the law?

Ricky Grimsley [01/10/2016 8:29 PM]
I think tithing is way over used by preachers and most of them couldnt prove it with the bible. If the people in your church have right hearts giving money wont be a problem.

Scarlette Calahan [01/10/2016 8:43 PM]
One day in a service the Lord spoke to me and said it’s not what you can get but what can you give.Its all about the heart with God.I live my life every day thinking what can I give . Because you will reap whatever you sow.

Ricky Grimsley [01/10/2016 8:46 PM]

Jimmy Humphrey [01/10/2016 8:56 PM]
Give as the Lord leads you, whether less than 10% or more. 10% is a great number to shoot for, and many godly folks have given that. But technically speaking it is not Biblical to say the Bible teaches that Christians should tithe 10%. It simply doesn’t anymore than that men ought to be circumcised, or any other such thing. And don’t just give to your pastor, look to give to the people in your pews, and outside your church. Keep an eye open for people in need, and ask the Lord to show you who to bless.

And if somebody tries to force any other view on you, kindly ask them to simply do as the Lord leads them.

Deborah Nimm Dearborn [01/10/2016 9:10 PM]
I do not believe that tithing can absolutely be demonstrated as a New Testament practice. However, generosity with all that God has given us is clearly preached by Paul in 2 Cor. 9:6-15. Also, tithing is often described as giving back to God the part that belongs to Him, as if the rest belongs to us. Yet everything on the earth belongs to Him. Therefore, I believe Christians must be prepared to give to God whatever He asks of us because it is only ours on loan from Him. Also, Paul said that the more generous we are with what God has provided, the more God will provide for us so that we are able to be even more generous. It seems, then, that in these New Testament times Christians should be willing to go above and beyond 10%. But most important is that whatever we decide to give it should be given willingly. “Each one must do just as he has purposed in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” (2 Co 9:7.) If the Church insists upon receiving the tithe from believers there is a danger that Christians will give under compulsion and a sense of obligation rather than a willingness to honor God with what He has provided and a desire to bless others with what God has blessed us.

Derrick Harmon [01/10/2016 10:27 PM]
You are doing well. Keep doing what you are doing.

John Conger [01/10/2016 10:31 PM]
I have always been a staunch advocate of tithing but have grown to understand that nothing should be given out of obligation but out of love and desire to give and bless others. Some people can afford to give way mite than 10%. When I pastored I even told my people if they didn’t want to tithe to the church then give to an orphanage we supported in Romania, or missions or a widow or family down the street etc… It should always be from the heart

Roger David [01/11/2016 12:58 AM]

Micael Grenholm [01/11/2016 4:49 AM]
As Pentecostals, how about we share EVERYTHING like on the day of Pentecost? 🙂 Acts 2:44-45

Micael Grenholm [01/11/2016 4:50 AM]

Jim Kingsnorth [01/11/2016 5:09 AM]
Tithing is Old Testament. Tithing for New Testament believers was created by the Catholic Church. It is a false doctrine.

John Conger [01/11/2016 7:52 AM]
Community of god sounds like s great idea but if you read on to chapter 6 we see it didn’t take long before it started causing problems and people started complaining. Even Amish will pool their resources to pay for medical bills etc but they don’t share everything.

Glynn Brown [01/11/2016 5:25 PM]

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