Toward a Pentecostal Solution to the Refugee Crises in the EU

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Toward a Pentecostal Solution to the Refugee Crises in the European Union

Several outspoken Pentecostal denominations have already raised awareness to the issue with a call for a “Christian assimilation.” Frankly, “assimilation” as an anthropological term is outdated even in the most assimilative cultures in the world. In the United States, once a melting pot of ethnos and cultures, modern day emigration takes terms in creating subcultures. In such cultural setting, assimilation is fairly hard to achieve and quite imperialistic as an approach. It is also not a religious term – the proper faith language being “proselytizing.” Even the Bible states that at the end “every tongue shall confess” picturing a multitude of ethnoses, not merely one assimilated culture. With all this, a call for cultural assimilation on part of Christianity borders a call for crusades, even the thought of which is inapplicable in 21st century’s society.

John Kissinger [10/24/2015 11:49 AM]

John Kissinger [10/24/2015 11:51 AM]

John Kissinger [10/26/2015 1:21 PM]
Wanted to spark discussion on this very central 21st century, but seems like not much interest. Where do you think these refugees will go after they reach their final destination in Western Europe?

John Ruffle [10/27/2015 2:04 AM]
The article us not too clear to my dull head. “Houston, we have a (massive!) problem!” The thing is; Islam is intent on world domination. It is planting millions of followers of a false Christ right within the borders of the “free” world. Once the balance of power shifts toward the possibility if an Islamic state in the west, there is already a sleeping army if millions of families ready to swear allegiance in a split second of time. The question is, which western nation will be the first one to fall? I suspect the devil will wait until it can become a dominio effect and too late to take remedial action. By 2030, USA and Europe could easily by Moslem.

John Kissinger [10/28/2015 5:52 AM]
is there a Catholic approach to the migration crises in EU?

John Kissinger [10/28/2015 7:52 AM]
is there a Catholic approach to the migration crises in EU and the UK (especially with the way things were in Dover)?

John Kissinger [10/28/2015 11:59 AM]
hey Henry Volk what is the Lutheran response to the Refugee Crises in EU?

Henry Volk [10/28/2015 12:08 PM]
We have had wonderful success in Germany, no wonder lol.

John Kissinger [10/28/2015 4:05 PM]
Hope you didn’t just get this from google. I see they do have a great Lutheran refugee resource page Do Anglicans have a similar resource page as well? William DeArteaga

Henry Volk [10/28/2015 4:08 PM]
We have different organizations.

William DeArteaga [10/28/2015 4:09 PM]
I do not believe so, but that is an agency that tries to be flexablle in response to situations.

John Kissinger [10/28/2015 4:11 PM]
noticing that both organizations are based in the U.S. – how do they effectively work in EU or are they just non-profit fund raisers with a commonwealth purpose? Volk

John Kissinger [10/28/2015 4:16 PM]
my original question was about actual organizations that are helping refugees in EU right now – not just raising funds in another country about it; there’s but a few that I have found and even less of them are actually church related. May be Volk can point us to a Lutheran one

Jamil Thomas [10/28/2015 6:49 PM]
thank you, God be with you always

Jamil Thomas [10/28/2015 6:50 PM]
thank you, God be with you always

John Kissinger [10/30/2015 7:37 AM]
For the lack of other voices, though not a complete solution, the following practical steps are much more Christ like and suitable to the situation than a theoretical assimilation, which may prove to be nothing more than a 21st century crusade:

1. Fast from your daily Starbucks (Costa, or coffee brand of your choice) for a month. With the money you can sponsor one refugee child out of starvation. The cost is the same, but saving a child tastes much better than java.
2. Team up with a Pentecostal church in Europe, which is directly working within the refugee camps. It will not be hard to find one as only a few Pentecostal churches in Western Europe are involved in refugee work.
3. Prayerfully consider going to Europe yourself and contribute your time and resources toward a refugee camp.

John Kissinger [11/06/2015 5:48 AM]
John Ruffle did the Catholic church do much with the migrants in Dover?

John Kissinger [11/08/2015 7:47 PM]

Hillary Clinton lists the reasons why thousands of people are fleeing Syria:"Because of terrible governance, because of corruption, because of conflict, because of climate change."

Публикувахте от Fox Business в Четвъртък, 5 ноември 2015 г.

John Kissinger [11/11/2015 1:32 PM]
H. said it was b/c of cliamte change Jon Sellers

John Kissinger [11/14/2015 5:27 AM]
True! They are not staying there Jon Sellers Alan N Carla Smith John Ruffle

John Ruffle [11/14/2015 11:44 AM]
Give me a quick synopsis please.

John Kissinger [11/14/2015 12:59 PM]
basically: Ted Cruz CALLS FOR END to Syrian refugee resettlement to America after #Paris TERROR ATTACK

Read more:

John Kissinger [12/21/2015 10:39 AM]
Good, personal and passionate write up but no solution. Still better than most western missionaries who do not even know when they cross into another EU country 🙂 Peter Link John Joseph

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