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William DeArteaga |


Please forward this to any FB friend who is in the path of severe weather.

Liberty Gilham [05/10/2015 11:08 AM]
Yes, we have the authority to silence these storms and direct them out to the ocean where they cannot do damage. BTW, Iranian hardline Shiite clerics are leading thousands of their Shiite followers in cursing America. Hundreds of thousands gather in the streets where they chant “Death to America, death to America, death to America!” In my opinion, that is part of the problem. That is where some of these storms may arise from. They chant, then America gets attacked with these storms. We need to put two and two together.

James Price [05/20/2015 1:14 PM]
I respectfully disagree with your statement that we have the authority to silence or redirect storms. This is a case of wishful and imaginative thinking. To think that what the Iranians chant causes us to have storms goes beyond the pale of logic and reasoning and God is a God of reason and logic; is He not?
In Titus ch 2, Paul tells Titus to keep his words solid and sane… that our language should never be weird or misguided. The Message Translation+

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