Theology and geography

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Jim Price |


Theology and geography: Have you ever considered how milage affected the Jews and their captivity? When they were taken into captivity and marched the 614 miles to Bagdad, how long did it take? How many died enroute?
( In 1838 some 4000 Indians died while on the trail of tears to the west.)
No doubt but what thousands of the old, the frail and the young died and the Persians didn’t care for they wanted only the strongest to serve as their slaves when they reached Babylon. Years later they were marched back but only a few were really needed to tend the Olive orchards ( not much else grew in the hostile environment around Jerusalem.) Thus much of the O.T. was taken up with the prophets trying to get the beaten down Israelites out of their stupor and to get once again engaged in life. Recently I read, Paul Johnson’s; History of the Jews and unfortunately they have been considered a surplus people, tolerated for a generation perhaps and then pushed out or killed off. Daniel Boorstin in his history has said that Christianity has never been able to blend theology and geography in a meaningful way.

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