The month of the year, I read the Gospels

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Jim Price |


The first 15 days of 2018 I read the Gospels through from beginning to end, read it without trying to interpret it, just relaxed and let it speak to me. Found that each new reading reveals itself to me in new ways.
Since this time last year I have spent a lot of time studying the history of the 400 years between Malachi and Matthew and thus some of what I read just recently spoke to me in new ways.
John 21:25 suggests that a lot of things were done and said that we don’t have a record of. In this reading I was more aware of the process; that of writing things with a quill and parchment of telling the events after the fact to someone who knew the Greek language and who wanted to set down the events before the generation passed.
Also this time through I was able to see some truths that were higher than the mere words of a passage. take for instance where Jesus said; ” say unto yonder mountain be thou remove and it shall be removed.” The higher truth being that with faith we can change our environment, our circumstances, our future. ” All things are possible to him that believes.”

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