The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not WANT

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not WANT

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not WANT.
Psalms 23:1 KJV
This is a matter of awareness. A rich man installs sophisticated security cameras in his house and is always SECURE in the sense that he is well protected.
A sheep and shepherd relationship ensures that the shepherd takes care of the sheep all the time . It is from this relational awareness that King David boasts”I shall not WANT”


  • Louise Cummings
    Reply April 17, 2020

    Louise Cummings

    He makes us to lay down in green pastures. After He leads us beside still waters. ( I like this part. ) He restoreth my soul. And leads us in the paths of righteousness, for His Names sakes. Great Psalms Bro Troy.

  • Isara Mo
    Reply April 18, 2020

    Isara Mo

    You can take a scripture to fit the pocket or you can take the pocket to fit the scripture..
    A morsel is not a whole bread nor is verse the whole WORD….
    The poorest lack, the annointed lack the rich lack ONLY THE DEAD DON’T LACK.. and the Lord is not their sheperd

  • Reply April 18, 2020

    Varnel Watson

    YES he is

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