The greatest proof of the Trinitarian belief

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Charles Page |


The greatest proof of the Trinitarian belief is John 1:1. A Unitarian can’t accept the KJV and will have to produce a modification. The WORD was WITH God and WAS God.

Peyton Gurley [09/04/2015 10:52 AM]
Right because all the other scripture you don’t twist and look up Greek and other outside sources right? I told you what a Modalists view is of this, which is not extra biblical and you still say this.

Charles Page [09/04/2015 11:00 AM]
I haven’t looked up other references nor the Greek or Hebrew – I read then literal, reasonable KJV English construction. Word was with God and was God. How simpler can it be? No modalist can accept this literal rendition written by John. It is written in the plurality, was with God and was God. There is a twofold aspect to this.

Marc Alfano [09/04/2015 5:20 PM]
1 Corinthians 15:28, Hebrews 1:3, Colossians 1:13-20

Peyton Gurley [09/04/2015 5:22 PM]
Trinitarians can’t accept the literal translation of Deuteronomy 6.4

Charles Page [09/04/2015 5:24 PM]
Modalist can’t accept the literal translation of John 1:1

Peyton Gurley [09/04/2015 5:25 PM]

Peyton Gurley [09/04/2015 5:25 PM]
I accept it I just don’t believe that it means there are two Gods in heaven.

Charles Page [09/04/2015 5:29 PM]
no Greek or Hebrew, no commentaries, no early Church fathers just a literal rendering of John 1:1 The WORD was with God and the WORD WAS God. Plurality in oneness.

No modalist (unitarian) can accept this as scripture. There has to be a revision.

Peyton Gurley [09/04/2015 5:33 PM]
You probably shouldn’t have eyeballs then Mr. Literal

Charles Page [09/04/2015 5:34 PM]
Do you believe in John 1:1 as KJV translated? I would expect you to agree with me or provide a revision to John’s text.

Peyton Gurley [09/04/2015 5:46 PM]
Yep I agree with it. But I know it doesn’t mean that there are two persons standing in heaven at the time of creation because Scripture interprets Scripture. And God said He alone is God and there is no savior beside him. He also said He changes not.

Charles Page [09/04/2015 5:49 PM]
so you agree that “something” was WITH God and “something” was God? right?

Peyton Gurley [09/04/2015 5:56 PM]
God was God and the Word was in His plan. Like Jesus being slain from the foundation of the world. Do you take that literal? Was He crucified under Pontious Pilate when God was creating the world?

Peyton Gurley [09/04/2015 5:58 PM]
And the Word was God because God robed himself in flesh. If Jesus was there in the beginning literally then why doesn’t Genesis say it? Why don’t Jews believe in a plural God?

Peyton Gurley [09/04/2015 5:59 PM]
Jesus had a beginning. On Christmas. He was born. There was snow and Christmas trees and presents and Santa.

Charles Page [09/04/2015 6:02 PM]
so God was God and the Word was in his plan… that is a revision or modification of John 1:1

God’s plan was for the Word that was with Him was that word would become flesh and dwell among men as the incarnated Jesus, born of the virgin Mary.

Can God make a man and that man say I and my Father are one. He that hath seen me hath seen the Father. Can that man die and be resurrected and then ascend physically back to His Father.

Charles Page [09/04/2015 6:03 PM]
Did He ascend to become the Father in Heaven or did he ascend to sit at the Father’s right hand?

Peyton Gurley [09/04/2015 6:06 PM]
He didn’t become the Father. He is the Father. So when John said in Revelation there is only one throne with Jesus sitting on it does that mean that he was lying. The right hand is a place of power. Not a literal location.

Peyton Gurley [09/04/2015 6:08 PM]
His body/flesh ascended to be with the spirit since the Father is a spirt and doesn’t have a right hand. The flesh of Jesus was where the spirit dwells being that He is the fullness of God bodily. And God wasn’t just camping out in Heaven, He is everywhere at all times.

Charles Page [09/04/2015 6:16 PM]
so you have revised John 1:1 do you have a revised translation. The New World Translation attempts to alter John’s text.

Peyton Gurley [09/04/2015 6:20 PM]
I use KJV and ESV. And I’m not even sure what the ESV says in John 1:1

Charles Page [09/04/2015 6:21 PM]
Do you believe in a literal return of Jesus back to this earth again? This same Jesus that you’ve seen go will come in like manner

Marc Alfano [09/04/2015 6:21 PM]
John 14:7-11

Peyton Gurley [09/04/2015 6:21 PM]

Peyton Gurley [09/04/2015 6:21 PM]
And where in Zechariah where it says God is coming back

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