The “Dark Ages” …Were They Really Dark?

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Pete Fiske |


From Assemblies of God Creation Position – Restore Our Biblical Young Earth:

The “Dark Ages” …Were They Really Dark?

See this 5-minute video clip refuting the atheopathic revisionism about the Middle Ages, absurdly called the ‘Dark Ages’. One reason for their prosperity and cultural, scientific, and politicial development was the global warming of the Medieval Warn Period. This ended with the cooling of the Little Ice Age that brought failed crops, famine, followed by the Black Death. The Middle Ages saw the invention of the university, carnivals, Western musical notation; building of the great Gothic cathedrals; new genres of painting (Giotto) and literature (Dante’s Divine Comedy and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales); self-governing towns; voluntary trade associations; and schools, orphanages, and hospitals; and of course the scientific advances discussed in the main article.

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