The Abrahamic Family House: A House of Lies :: By Jeffrey C. Ady, Ph.D.

The Abrahamic Family House: A House of Lies :: By Jeffrey C. Ady, Ph.D.

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The recently-opened Abrahamic Family House’s importance in setting up the global deception that will follow the termination of the Age of Grace cannot be overstated. It’s a huge development. And it’s based on a dangerous deception. This deception operates from several key angles:

1. The lie that there are multiple ways to God has been especially powerful from the late 19th century up until now. Modern relativism, along with the occult teachings of many gods and paths to divinity, and postmodern syncretism seem to be culminating in this universalist, global pseudo-religion that is empty at its core.

2. The idea that a tricameral global religion will unite most of humanity peacefully and bring prosperity is patently absurd for anyone who takes the primary ‘sacred’ texts from the Bible or the Koran seriously. No fundamentalist Christian, fundamentalist Muslim, or conservative Jew truly believes any of this. Furthermore, Muslims will pretend to buy it (taqiyya, or the doctrine of deceiving unbelievers in order to advance Islam) because foolish Christians and Jews really want it to work (it won’t). This is why these “agreements” and “plans” will not bring peace or prosperity.

3. There is only one way to the Father—Christ Himself. The Abrahamic Family House is built on the lie that denies this truth. Consequently, nothing the House aims to do will prosper—except to guide fallen humanity closer to the global deception that will vault the Man of Sin to worldwide power.

When the “Deal of the Century” and “Peace to Prosperity” plans were announced in January and September of 2020, I was quite disappointed in the Trump administration. Perhaps I was naive in expecting something better. Operation Warp Speed raised a second red flag. Though “You will know them by their fruits” (Matt. 7:16, 20) seems directed particularly at those claiming to represent Christ, I think politicians’ fruits can be understood this way as well. Do policies lead people into liberty or bondage? Do they oppose Christ? Do they respect God’s covenant with the people and nation of Israel?

Thinking strategically, I’m forced to wonder whether the COVID plague served partially as cover for the dastardly and demonic geopolitical travesties that were the Deal of the Century, Peace to Prosperity, and the Abraham Accords. Perhaps more people would have objected to these ventures had the world not been otherwise occupied with COVID. The shiny object of COVID had me forgetting about the latest shill for “Peace and Safety” deception.

The good news is that while the world sets itself up for the Tribulation more quickly than most of us can appreciate, God isn’t surprised; His plans will prosper, and those who are in Christ now don’t have anything to fear. If you haven’t yet surrendered yourself to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, make that commitment now. The free gift of eternal life can be yours if you will believe that He died to save you from your sins and pain and that He was raised back to life by God so that you can share in His victory over death. Call upon Christ now, and you will be saved! (Romans 10:13).

A bright future awaits! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

Dr. Jeffrey Ady is a retired university professor of Communications and Public Administration, a published author, and served as an ordained minister for 20 years.




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