The 9/11,10/12 Chapters Discovery In The Book Of Daniel, And…

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A Bible prophecy challenge to the entire Community!
I’ve made this challenge many times before but to no avail even from our Watchmen who should be accepting these challenges, because their/your thoughts regarding future prophecy is in Peril!! And not only a few of them either but ALL Biblical end times prophetic theory.
The last 4 chapters in Daniel are Divided parchments and we have been looking at it all backards and stuff since possibly the very time it was written by Daniel himself. Sounds crazy huh? Yet i’m proving it on a daily basis for any ear thats willing to hear. But don’t expect to find it in the commentaries and you’ll NEVER hear it from the Watchmen of our time. (understandably why too) When those chapters were divided, they were also intermixed and in so doing it interlaced two very important end times stories with one another and they MUST be separated in order to render its goods.
Just for kicks and giggles try it for yourself, try attaching chapter 11 back onto the tail end of chapter 9, then do the same with chapters 10 and 12 then study it that way for a bit. Then keep on studying it like that and this is its UNAVOIDABLE conclusions, and you’ll see ORDER like never before thought possible.

The 9/11,10/12 Chapters Discovery In The Book Of Daniel, And Its Mountain Of Tentacles! Discussion Group at;

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    Jody Reese

    Christopher Campbell As do i Brother and it thrills me to see someone taking Bible prophecy this seriously. And i do not mind being proven wrong on any level if it can be done because truth, regardless of rather its mine or not should be embraced by all. Amen? I will call you indeed my Friend and would be more than happy to discuss these findings to great lengths.

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