Let’s make every day thanksgiving instead of black Friday

Let’s make every day thanksgiving instead of black Friday
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Let’s make every day thanksgiving instead of black Friday. There is a psychology at work every Black Friday based on the principle called scarcity. It can be used positively or negatively for motiv


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    Bob Wizenhut You are again posting your regular general comments which I have read under most of your posts. Just for fun let’s take one of the most common objections of many Christians and conservatives in general against the idea of open borders (which, by the way, is the original constitutional arrangement of the US): “We can’t have open borders with a welfare state. We need to keep the borders closed until we remove the welfare state, and only then open the borders.” Taken in its abstract form, this proposition makes perfect sense; many immigrants come here only for the welfare, so let’s limit immigration by law, meanwhile work to abolish the welfare state, and then finally, we can open the borders and have only those who would come here to work. In a world of idealized theorizing, this theory is quite convincing. Let’s have a process of sifting visitors and immigrants, until we deal with the problem.
    The problem comes when we connect the theory to the real world. Who do you think profits the most from the welfare state? Federal bureaucrats of the executive branch. Thus, who do you think is your real enemy in the war against the welfare state? Federal bureaucrats of the executive branch. And now, listen carefully. Who do you think, according to the immigration law, controls the admission of immigrants? Yes, you got it. Federal bureaucrats of the executive branch. So, what is the logic of trusting the same enemies whom you are fighting politically over the welfare state, to provide an administrative defense of your fight against the welfare state? In whose favor do you think they will tilt their decisions when they admit immigrants, in your favor or in favor of their own political agenda?
    I have asked this question hundreds of times. I have never gotten an answer from those who use this argument. And yet, they continue repeating the same abstract mantra. Somehow, for most Christians and conservatives in general, the practical application of their abstract ideas has no value whatsoever. The real world doesn’t matter. http://www.pentecostaltheology.com/pentecostal-theology-of-political-asylum-in-america-today/

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    Louise Cummings

    Great Idea.

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    Varnel Watson

    has anyone yet figured out WHO cooked the turkey – the pilgrims or the native Americans aka Indians

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