Thangsan Hisfootstep: Day of rest or holiday

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RT Thangsan Hisfootstep Day of rest or holiday: True rest is not about certain day nor even about special occasion. It’s about you. It’s about how you live your life. Trust in the Lord daily (on a day-to-day basis) and you will find that everyday is day of rest indeed. Say your words of thank to the Lord for He will take care of your day as you put your trust in Him today

John Kissinger [06/10/2015 4:42 PM]
Once Saved, Always Saved?


  • Reply April 23, 2016

    Varnel Watson

    A good one in regard to our rest Tom Steele

  • Reply April 23, 2016

    Tom Steele

    I shared this in my newest article that dropped yesterday:

    Moreover, man appears to be made on what we may call the seven-day principle. In various diseases the seventh, fourteenth and twenty-first are critical days; and in others 7 or 14 half-days. Man’s pulse beats on a seven-day principle, for Dr. Stratton points out that for six days out of seven it beats faster in the morning than in the evening, while on the seventh day it beats slower. Thus the number seven is stamped upon physiology, and he is thus admonished, as man, to rest one day in seven. He cannot violate this law with impunity, for it is interwoven with his very being. He may say, “I will rest when I please,” – one day in ten, or irregularly, or not at all. He might as well say of his eight-day clock, “It is mine, and I will wind it up when I please.” Unless he wound it at least once in eight days, according to the principle on which it was made, it would be worthless as a clock. So with man’s body. If he rests not according to the Divine law, he will, sooner or later, be compelled to “keep his Sabbaths,” and the rest which he would not take at regular intervals, at God’s command, he has to take at the command of man all at once! Even in this case God gives him more rest than he can get for himself; for God would have you take 52 days’ rest in the year, and the few day’s “change” he is able to get for himself is a poor substitute for this. It is like all man’s attempts to improve on God’s ways. (Numbers In Scriptures, E.W. Bullinger, 1894, published by Eyre & Spottiswoode)
    Religious theory always runs into problems whenever scientific discovery proves something. Science has been proving the Bible true for years, and yet there are masses of ignorant people who have been deceived into thinking that parts of the Bible have been obsolete. It was the snake in the garden who first asked the question, “Hath God said?” Anytime someone comes along and questions what is clearly written in Scripture, they are ALWAYS doing Satan’s work. This includes people who make dumb statements like one I saw the other day on a post in this group, that said: “There is not Sabbath.”

    The Sabbath was given by God to meet a need of humanity that is part of the design of the human body. Yeshua (Jesus) says that the Sabbath was MADE FOR MAN. It was instituted on the seventh day of creation itself. It’s not a religious rule, and it’s not an ancient ceremony. The Sabbath Day is a part of the design of life within the parameters of God’s Creation.

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