Taking The Devil To Dinner

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  • Walter Polasik
    Reply November 24, 2016

    Walter Polasik

    Brethren, I’ve watched about half the sermon and I’m tellin’ ya, it’s sad to see Pentecostal preaching descend to these levels. What do I mean by that? I’ve never heard Perry Stone in my life, but I HAVE heard a lot of shoddy “Pentecostal’ preaching. I do believe in the work of the devil and demon spirits. However, it seems to me that any more these days, “Pentecostal” preaching always has to get in some strange supernatural thing, something about demonology (I once heard an exposition on the demon of sneezing, no lie). The kinds of problems Perry mentions that happen to Christians (those things he says, “How can you explain this?”) happen not so much because some demon came up and started messing with believers but simply because LIFE HAPPENS. There are too many Christians who try to lie to themselves that because they are Christians, they ought always to be happy and that life is really alright even though in their heart-of-hearts they know it’s not. I have done crisis counseling work and can tell you that people, —and Christian people at that—do some of the drastic things they do simply because they come to a point where they can’t take it any more. They can’t take the same situation beating out a dent in their lives, day after day after day after day. They say to themselves, “Something’s got to give. Something’s got to change.” And then they up and leave or find a new partner or commit suicide. I suspect this has less to do with demons and more with life being hard. It just is, sometimes Jesus or no Jesus. The Bible even testifies to that. I wish Perry would have said that instead of immediately getting into demonology.

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