South Carolina Excluding Sharia Law

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South Carolina Excluding Sharia Law

John Kissinger [02/04/2016 7:05 AM]
AL did it long time ago…

Brody Pope [02/04/2016 7:06 AM]

David Lewayne Porter [02/04/2016 7:28 AM]
What burns me up is. ….
Why is this even being discussed?

They don’t let communities of Americans around the nation just go establish and follow laws they want because they don’t agree with the established law of the land.

Why would those that care nothing about this land and nation be given more freedom and rights than those that have defended it and supported it through history and over the years?

John Kissinger [02/04/2016 7:31 AM]
David Lewayne Porter liberty and justice for all?

David Lewayne Porter [02/04/2016 7:37 AM]
Yeah but that liberty and justice comes under our laws not their’s.
Their laws does them no good getting rights to our courts, our benefits, our social and other help (s).
(Did I mention our – immigration policies – term used very loosely in light of the current administration).

John Kissinger [02/04/2016 7:38 AM]
Real liberty and justice should not come under any law. Liberty and justice should define the law of the land…

John Ruffle [02/04/2016 9:38 AM]
Yea! A victory for common sense and right thinking. UK has lost the plot TOTALLY on this no-brainer issue. And it will be to the nation’s destruction unless we repent.

David M. Hinsen [02/04/2016 9:54 AM]
A law like this should never have to be passed…

Nelson Banuchi [02/04/2016 9:54 AM]
Muslims are slowly winning subverting the American laws and culture. Just heard how a school is no longer observing all the holidays – Christian holidays – because of fear of “offending” Muslims.

We’re already becoming a Muslim nation w/o Sharia.

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