Something I Have Missed Concerning the Pre-Tribulation Rapture | Episode #1188 | Perry Stone

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Watch the latest Manna-Fest episode with Perry Stone. This episode was filmed at the 2023 Prophetic Summit in Cleveland, TN. This is just a portion of the full message.
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  • Reply August 8, 2023


    I didnt miss it – did you? Brett Dobbs Philip Williams Duane L Burgess

    • Reply August 8, 2023


      Troy Day miss what? He didn’t get to the “it”. The video went to his promotional stuff. He coined the term of Grand jubilee. What he describes as the grand jubilee is true, but it isn’t called a grand jubilee. He’s making that up. As I’m sure he’s making up whatever he’s overlooked in the past.
      Perry Stone will be judged with the false prophets because he’s all about making that dollar and preaching what tickles your ears and not preaching the truth. He’s nothing but a phony.
      That was a complete waste of 23 minutes.

      Troy Day if you going to continue posting this garbage, at least post garbage that reaches a conclusion. Maybe you should purchase his material and share it. At least then I would have a partially hodge podge teaching to breakdown and refute.
      He needs to turn his obsessing over the number 7 to the truth of scripture.

    • Reply August 10, 2023


      Brett Dobbs SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT: Biblical Eschatology.
      In sound biblical hermeneutics & exegesis there is no allegorizing, no spiritualizing and no replacement theology.
      It has been wisely said, do not present your eschatology until you master Zechariah.
      God has one Redeemed people, but He deals with the saints in various ways from generation to generation.
      God also has unique distinctions for ethnic national Israel and for the Church.
      The Church is not, in any way, Israel.
      The Church has dealt with error from its beginning, 2000 years ago.
      The churches got some things wrong and some things right.
      Paul would establish local churches, then he would turn around and issue correction and even rebuke.
      The Church fathers got some things wrong and some things right.
      Premillennial eschatology is taught in Scripture and was believed in the early Church (Chiliasm).
      The Pretribulational Rapture is taught in Scripture and was believed in the early Church.
      The Church has mistakenly been moving away from sound biblical eschatology since the first century.
      Amillennial and Post Millennial beliefs have no exegetical biblical support.
      There is no biblical or historical fulfillment yet of Daniel’s 70th week. God has future plans for ethnic national Israel, to purge and cleanse that people in great tribulation, her time of Jacob’s trouble.
      To get prophecy and Scripture right we must embrace God’s unique distinctions for ethnic national Israel and for the Church.

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