Slavic Pentecostal Theologians

Henry Volk |

Since looking into the Slavic Pentecostal churches in a city that I’ll be moving nearby, I’ve been wondering whether there are any prominent Slavic Pentecostal Theologians? I suppose Miroslav Volf doesn’t count since he’s no longer Pentecostal lol.

Stan Wayne [03/04/2016 11:47 AM]
Peter Kuzmic

Stan Wayne [03/04/2016 11:49 AM]

Troy Day [03/04/2016 6:06 PM]
Amos Yong offers personal reflections on growing up in a Muslim-dominant culture and Miroslav Volf’s father. But is Croatia all Slavic?

Amanda Walker [03/04/2016 9:29 PM]
Darrin Rodgers any ideas?

Nathan Ridgeway [03/05/2016 1:44 AM]
Max can’t do my thinking for me. I can pray and hear from God the same as he can. I’m so tired of the self-appointed authoritarians who think they have the only line of communication with God. I’m glad Max is a preacher and not a politician!


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