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John Kissinger [11/03/2015 9:50 AM]

Ricky Grimsley [11/03/2015 10:04 AM]
Wow. Good stuff

John Kissinger [11/03/2015 10:42 AM]
3. Because we sin (while telling them we don’t) #sanctification

Ricky Grimsley [11/03/2015 11:11 AM]
Yeah. I run into so many that say “i’ll come to church when i quit sinning”. And im like thats never. Thats like saying ill go to the hospital when my sickness goes away.

John Kissinger [11/03/2015 11:19 AM]
you misunderstood – they dont come cause you’re sinning 🙂


  • Stan Wayne
    Reply March 29, 2017

    Stan Wayne

    Good shot except the blond hair

  • Jan Dixon Sykes
    Reply March 29, 2017

    Jan Dixon Sykes

    Can’t be real. No one is sticking out his tongue.

  • Reply April 19, 2019

    Varnel Watson

    WE will take YOUR selfie for EASTER Just look in the screen and smile in 3 2 1 ….

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