Second-Greatest Prophetic Signal :: By Terry James

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Most every Bible prophecy student is fairly certain that the number-one signal of where this generation stands on God’s prophetic timeline is centered within the modern nation of Israel. There can be no ending to this great, eternal drama if God’s chosen nation isn’t a major actor within the scenes to unfold as the play reaches its climax.

The proof of God being the play’s Author is His foreknowledge. He has said that Israel would be a nation again after its final diaspora (dispersion). As a matter of fact, His Word foretold that it would be reborn in a single day–which happened May 14, 1948.

God has put in writing that His people, the Jews, will yet have to go through the most terrible times of history. He laid it all out through the prophet Jeremiah (Jeremiah 30:7), Matthew the apostle (Matthew 24: 21), and John the Revelator (the book of Revelation from chapter 4 to the end).

He further said Israel would be the greatest of all nations, ultimately. The Millennial Kingdom will have His chosen nation as its apex nation, ruled over by the resurrected King David under the kingship of the Lord of all lords and King of all kings–Jesus Christ—for one thousand years.

So, to the true prophecy student, there is no doubt. Israel is the number-one signal of where things stand when the Tribulation closes in and the triumphant return of Jesus Christ nears.

Now, there are differing opinions on what other signals might be next in line beneath Israel. Here are some of the signals I think we will next be seeing:

  • Increase in wars and rumors of wars
  • Nations in alignment, as given in God’s Word—i.e., the Gog-Magog nations (Russia, Iran, Turkey, etc.)
  • Developments in the geopolitical world, such as the ten-kings developments found in Daniel, Luke, and other places; the EU as a reviving Roman Empire; and Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream image and the ten toes of iron mixed with miry clay
  • Religious apostasy, with the ecumenical movements, an apostate pope, and strange winds of doctrines that continue to assault true Christianity
  • Some are prone to count as signs some geophysical events such as storms, and other strange-weather events, and earthquake activity. I don’t discount these, but don’t see them as major signs at this point.
  • The increase in Antichrist-spirit evil with regard to occultic activities such as directing humanity toward Mother Earth worship (climate-change madness) and conjuring through demonic rituals, etc., as the cultures and societies of the world descend toward the abyss

And, along this line, the Antichrist spirit and all wickedness attendant to it. (In fact, I’ve about concluded this might be the number-two signal, right beneath Israel.) Within this satanic sin-infection of most all of humanity at this late hour of the age, I believe we can spotlight the manifestation of a particular evil. The specific evil that jumps out from the slide under God’s microscope–the Holy Bible—can be discerned, I believe, through reports like the following:

Eleven people have appeared in court accused of taking part in a child sex ring which also allegedly involves witchcraft, serious violence, and neglect.

The sex ring mainly centers around two young girls and a boy between 2010 and 2020, all in Glasgow, a court heard.

According to prosecutors, the eleven suspects are said to have gotten the boy and the older girl to take part in ‘seances (and) use a Ouija board…to call on spirits and demons’ as part of the sex ring.

They also allegedly got the children involved in ‘witchcraft,’ leading them to believe that they themselves had ‘metamorphosed into animals.’

The group of seven men and four women are also believed to have worn cloaks and devil horns as well as making the young boy stab a budgie [parakeet/small parrot species popular as pets] to death.

It is also claimed the children were forced to take part in satanic ‘seances’ and made to kill animals – including dogs – as part of the ring that is thought to have spanned across a decade.

The accusations claim that the three young children were raped at different times while some of the group did ‘clap, cheer and verbally encourage’ and film a ten-year-old girl being sexually assaulted. (“Eleven people in court charged with child sex abuse ring allegedly involving ‘witchcraft’,” Daily Mail Online, Rapture Ready News, August 5, 2022)

As history will attest, most every civilization that has been on earth has perpetrated the worse kind of perverseness and wickedness against children in the final throes of its existence. Even in the case of Israel, we know they made their little ones to pass through the white-hot hands of the idol Moloch. The Greek and Roman Empires each had the grossest forms of pedophilia, even within the top levels of government, in days leading up to their demise.

Today, the murder of millions of babies in their mothers’ wombs makes our time like those days when the idol-god Moloch was used to burn children alive.

All of the other things mentioned above–the signals we have discussed in this forum over the years—now seem to have, at this advanced date of the age, coalesced. The luciferically-spawned wickedness has brought the world to the point of totally depraved activity against children. Like in the days of Noah, the minds of men are almost always on evil continually. There seems nothing left to be done by Heaven’s governance than to institute God’s judgment and wrath.

So I believe a case can be made that this worldwide movement to inflict Satan’s murderous intentions upon the most helpless among humankind–the children—constitutes the second greatest signal of how near is the Tribulation and God’s Wrath.

That means the Rapture of the Church is even nearer than that seven years of hell on earth. Here is how to escape the judgment and wrath that is coming, perhaps very soon.

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation” (Romans 10:9–10).

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