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John Ruffle [08/27/2015 1:40 AM]
2 colour spread… very flash!

John Kissinger [08/27/2015 1:41 AM]
that’s what you notice and not the KKK at the bottom?

Peter A Vandever [08/27/2015 2:18 AM]
Sanctification is in salvation 🙂 It is Finished!

John Kissinger [08/27/2015 3:26 AM]
Peter A Vandever Unfortunately you cannot be a Wesleyan Pentecostal and claim that

Henry Volk [08/27/2015 3:26 AM]
John Kissinger: “KKK” ?? ?? ??!

John Kissinger [08/27/2015 4:11 AM]
Henry Volk it’s known Parham was KKK member in his later years

Henry Volk [08/27/2015 4:31 AM]
That’s what I’ve heard. Do you think he was sending a subliminal message through this flyer?

Cindy Fox [08/27/2015 5:32 AM]
The better question is..Where is the ministry that teaches about how to be saved by the bloood f JESUS shed on the cross and then keeping our faith exclusively in that finished work for sanctification and deliverence, There is NO WORK that we as humans can do to get ANYTHING from GOD all comes as the gift of grace purchased by our LORD JESUS !!

John Kissinger [08/27/2015 9:42 AM]
subliminal? it looks pretty obvious to “most” Charles Page

Norman Rice Jr. [08/27/2015 1:27 PM]
ARE U POSITIVE he was with them later on?Article???

John Kissinger [08/27/2015 1:44 PM]
Sadly there is also evidence that Parham, who had always been a strict segregationist, became a full ledged KKK member by 1910. There was a WiKi dispute back in the day that was resolved in favor of that sad fact including a credible news source. ????? ????? (t) 23:44, 26 March 2006 At the same time, the Klan wasn’t revived until 1915. According to Wikipedia’s bio on Charles Fox Parham, he didn’t the join the Klan until 1910. The Klan didn’t come into existence till 5 years later, but this is irrelevant. Bartelman’s autobiography is very clear on the role of Parham, and his doctrine that was in keeping with the views of the KKK. Rick Joyner, in his biography of Parham also notes the KKK connection.

Alan N Carla Smith [08/27/2015 4:03 PM]
Yes John Kissinger look at bottom of flyer are the three [K]s in red letters and misspelled, on purpose.

John Kissinger [08/28/2015 12:46 AM]
yes, that’s where the discussion started

John Ruffle [08/28/2015 2:12 AM]
My goodness!!!!! I am shocked!!!!!!!! Not been following the thread closely and then I wake down to THIS! ????

John Kissinger [08/28/2015 2:37 AM]
pay attention to the words on TOP of the poster as significant to this discussion

Henry Volk [08/28/2015 2:52 AM]
Were the homosexuality allegations ever substantiated?

John Kissinger [08/28/2015 3:22 AM]
It was sodomy actually dismissed by the authorities and did not remembered by Parham i.e. truly irrelevant to this discussion

Alan N Carla Smith [08/28/2015 3:53 PM]
was Sanctification and Deliverance just included like an All-Inclusive Full Gospel meeting announcement?

John Kissinger [08/29/2015 12:38 AM]
seems like Sanctification and Deliverance were NOT included – ever wonder WHY? Peter A Vandever Charles Page

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