Religion in The X-Files

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Religion in The X-Files

The first overt occurrence of religion occurred in the fourth episode of the first season, “Conduit”. At the end of the episode, Mulder sits in a church, crying as he looks at a picture of his sister. Howard Gordon, who wrote the episode, stated that the imagery did not mean to imply Christianity, but rather a symbol of “a sanctuary, a place for him to reestablish his helplessness and the missing of his sister”. However, in “Beyond the Sea”, the notion of religion and the afterlife was explored further, this time with Dana Scully. In the episodes prior to “Beyond the Sea”, the protagonists of The X-Files are firmly established in the roles of believer (Mulder) and rational scientist/skeptic (Scully). As the series progressed, religion was explored further.

John Kissinger [01/23/2016 7:35 AM]

Alan N Carla Smith [01/23/2016 7:59 AM]
Well…the first no-no is drawing or pulling your firearm with your finger on the trigger.

Tim Renneberg [01/23/2016 9:55 AM]
Interesting… except Mulder had no connection with a church and Scully did. Mulder was often found critical of Scully’s faith throughout the series.

John Kissinger [01/23/2016 9:58 AM]
we are about to find out tomorrow with all star-warsy, treckys and techies scifi Henry Volk

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