Cindy Jacobs with a Prophetic Word Over the South

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“And the Lord would say to the south of the United States, ‘I am putting an anointing of restoration and reconciliation upon you.’ And the Lord would say, ‘It is time where I am going to begin to heal the ancient wounds, and I am going to move in such a way on the south that it’s going to be a racist-free zone that I will even use to heal the north.’ Says the Lord.”
~ Cindy Jacobs and Becca Greenwood

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  • Reply March 28, 2016

    Stan Wayne

    Is this a statement after the events have already happened? Or a future prophecy? The south looks pretty racist free on the white side to me – is she talking about black resentment?

  • Robert Borders
    Reply September 10, 2016

    Robert Borders

    Vague words as always. I have heard so many false prophetic words from Cindy and others that it is difficult for me to accept their prophetic utterances.

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