Prophetic Insight Into The Year 5778


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  • Reply January 11, 2018

    Varnel Watson

    In summary: When bringing together the insights revealed by the Holy Spirit, the pictures and words revealed by 2018 AD and Hebrew year 5778, the first aspect to note that this marks the gate opening and the entering in to a major shift in season/era, one that brings great harvest, war (including WW III), trinity kings, and the return and the saints reigning with Christ. The season will take place over a thousand years, although key elements in terms of harvest, war, and the battle of kingdoms, and Christ’s return is likely occur in the first two hundred or so years – if not quite a bit sooner. See the unfolding eras section below on more of this.

    For the year of 2018 and 5778, and the next few that follow, expect to see the first fruits of this era that has been marked by God in time. Thus, new beginnings and doors open, but also out-breaks of war, and significant battles. A time to seek peace and protection for God’s people, and His lost children. Yet also expect to see major harvests of food (natural and spiritual), and souls – with the hearts and souls of many finding rest in God as they have opened their hearts to Him (through Christ). In this period there will be choices being made, and divisions occurring, and key is discerning the right gate to enter. This not a time for sitting on the fence, and people will be looking to draw lines. Earthly loyalties will be tested, and it is important to seek Christ’s direction, as in that place you will find refuge. Gates/communities will begin to form based on the key elements of prayer and the word of God, acknowledging the King of kings, and the treasure of a loving community that spends time together.

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