Proof of Healing

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Jon Sellers |

Many people demand proof of healing and complain about the lack of studies. Here is an academic study of healing prayer from 2010.

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  • Joseph Branscome
    Reply July 19, 2016

    Joseph Branscome

    When are people going to except the fact that JESUS can answer prayers by either YES or NO . JESUS answers all prayers , and He will answer them according to His Will , not ours . I look back now , and thank God that He answered many of my prayers by saying NO . JESUS has a MASTER PLAN , and everyone can rest assured , that the way He choses to answer prayers , will be for the best interest of His will . Don’t consider your FAITH weak , because He has answered a pray by saying NO ; but show your faith , that you trust JESUS CHRIST , no matter what happens .

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