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  • Varnel Watson
    Reply August 31, 2017

    Varnel Watson

    Much needed right now Street Preacherz Checking on Ricky Grimsley Tony Conger and others in TX Stan Wayne Time to believe the God and His prophets yet?

    • Street Preacherz
      Reply August 31, 2017

      Street Preacherz

      My pastor asked me last night. Brother joe I’m teaching on 1 John 4:1 do you know what that is? I said, “yes sir, ‘beloved believe not every spirit but test the spirit..’ I usually give them a big fat “F!”, ”
      I would say Jesus sir, that Jesus words have never been true or more dear. I seen some crazy videos saying all this is God judgment that may be true enough but where’s the brokenness. God forgive me but they are settled on their lees. Today’s prophets know little of the furnace and less of the thresher.

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