Prayer needed after the Cleveland Republican National Convention

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William DeArteaga |


Prayer for the city of Cleveland during the Republican National Convention
We have a very dangerous situation coming up at the Republican National Convention. Extremists groups such as the Black Panthers are planning to demonstrate. Right wing extremist also plan to counter- demonstrations. The fact that Ohio allows guns to be publicly carried adds an immense amount of danger to the situation. I suggest that pastors all over America pray the following prayer, or this Sunday to bind the “principalities and powers” that are trying to destroy this country. The prayer is based on two things that are ignored or only dimly recognized by most Christians, but now need to be activated. They are the use of a disabling command as modeled by Paul in Acts 13, the request for an angel (spirit) from the throne of God to produce confusion among those who intend evil (2 Kings 22:19-22)

All this is radical and may seem unacceptable to many Christians, some of whom still believe that healing prayer and exorcism are not proper in the current age. Most Christians now at least accept the reality of the laying on of hands for healing (a great advance in the last 90 years) and are coming to understand spiritual warfare, although this is still controversial. I believe disabling prayer is among the last forms of prayer to be recovered by the contemporary Church, and be a necessary tool for the Church of the Last Days.

I suggest the following prayer, or something similar, be read at the coming Sunday services by the pastor or minister. Then, after the congregation can understand and agree, it is read again so that everyone may say “amen” and the power of agreement come into play.
Oh Father in Heaven, our Nation is now is great distress and division. Many of our people have turned away from your grace and are seeking to assert their will and desires by violence, murder and intimidation. We ask, in Jesus’ name, that the Holy Spirit be poured out over our Nation in great measure to heal our divisions and increase love and righteousness among our people.

In Jesus name, we bind to ineffectiveness the principalities and powers hovering over Cleveland who are plotting evil and chaos. In Jesus’ name we proclaim that those groups and individuals coming to Cleveland, or already there, with violence and hatred in their hearts, be confused and divided. We declare their violent plans made ineffective and harmless. We proclaim a spirit of dissention among their own leaders and total fruitlessness of their plans.

We ask for multitudes of angels to protect the police and delegates from violence, and that the various police forces be given special wisdom and foresight in handling demonstrations and any terroristic threat by racists, black or white. Further, that there be such an outpouring of prayer among the churches of this Nation, that many of those who come with evil and hatred in their hearts will leave converted to the Gospel of love and reconciliation. Amen

I anticipate many negative comments about this prayer, but I simply ask my critics to read the blog posting I have already done on the disabling command, so that their criticisms will not waste time on arguing about what I did not say or mean.


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