Pope Says This is Our Last Christmas

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Pope Says This is Our Last Christmas #ourCOG
Pope Message: “Christmas Is Cancelled Now That World


  • Reply December 25, 2016

    Street Preacherz

    What a dirty trick “Fake News”

  • Reply December 25, 2016

    Varnel Watson

    its from theguardian?

    • Reply December 26, 2016

      Street Preacherz

      I read a few ads and the article, nothing vaguely resembling Pope says last Christmas. Maybe I’m wrong Its not the first time. Am I wrong. Did the Pope actually say in any of the three articles. This is the last Christmas. Is it an end of world, end of unforgiveness, end of poverty, end corruption. Maybe I missed something in the wording. If so I can admit it.

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