“Force Awakens” in the church

Jim Price | PentecostalTheology.com

Noticed that the ” Force Awakens” pulled in 238 million its first weekend. I wonder how that compares to what the Assemblies of God and the Church of God collected over the weekend? Somehow I think that would be an important comparison but as for I as know, no such numbers are available from any of the denominations. Would even the SBC have taken in that much this past weekend?

Charles Page [12/21/2015 1:50 PM]
that would be interesting! as annual collections go I would say the churches take in more money than the movie industry.

Brian Roden [12/21/2015 2:00 PM]
I think you would have to take two weekends on the churches. I pay my tithes with each paycheck (every two weeks), rather than weekly, as does my wife, and we are on alternating Fridays with our pay cycles.

Peter A Vandever [12/21/2015 2:42 PM]
Joel get that per service 🙂

Ed Lane [12/21/2015 2:48 PM]
If we all would get in one accord and really pray and seek God’s face then we would have a true Revival

John Kissinger [12/21/2015 3:20 PM]
Aren’t we comparing apples and oranges here? – the product is different

John Kissinger [12/22/2015 6:31 AM]
on this one too it will be great to hear an opinion from OP and not just setting the topic and “leave it all behind” Jim Price

Jim Price [12/22/2015 10:13 AM]
Yes we are talking about apples & oranges in one way but in another we are taking about money and what it can do to change the way the world works. Over the years I have asked adult classes what they would do if someone gave the church $ 100,000.00 so far not one creative answer has emerged.

Brian Roden [12/22/2015 10:34 AM]
This particluar movie has multiple screens in each multi-screen cineplex, with each screen having 5-6 showings per day. One 18-screen cinema in my city has 23 showings. Based on the times listed and how long the film is, I calculate 5 of the 18 screens are showing it. Most of the time, movies don’t start until after noon, but this one is starting as early as 9:00 am (5 showings before noon). And that’s just one of the cineplexes in the metro area.

John Kissinger [12/22/2015 5:09 PM]
The church does NOT offer/sale a pop-culture experience and paraphernalia like Star Wars in order to make the above comparison!

Brian Roden [12/22/2015 5:14 PM]
I did talk with the staff pastor in charge of the Celebrate Recovery group at our church, and he said attendance was down about 50% last Thursday due to Star Wars opening night and the Trans Siberian Orchestra concert (the latter I can understand more, since it’s only available that night).

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