POPE said “all-merciful God” in prayer

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Alan N Carla Smith | PentecostalTheology.com


Here we GO!
Shouldn’t say it but I will…. TOLD YOU SO!!!

John Kissinger [09/30/2015 12:53 AM]
Many Baptists say “all-merciful God” in prayer. What else did the #POPE say John Ruffle

John Ruffle [09/30/2015 2:04 AM]
I want to issue a massive ‘WARNING’ sign here. Looking at the article; it’s lack of references; the lack of academic rigor even in the 1st paragraph, tells me that here we are reading a highly biased article that is not worthy of the academic respect this subject demands of us. In particular, the phrase: ‘…the term “Chrislam” is now often used to describe this ecumenical movement.’ How ‘often’ is ‘often used’? And WHO is ‘often’ using this term? I am not saying that there is not an issue to be discussed here. But actually, by very virtue of the seriouslness of the allegations, quoting popular opinon and trash websites and forums is not going to promote a meanigful theological dialogue. I have not had the time due to other committments to study the speechsw made by P.F in USA (and Cuba) yet, so I cannot possibly comment further.

John Kissinger [09/30/2015 2:44 AM]
So did the Pope say it?

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