Perry Stone Economic Crash Riots in America Then a Russian invasion

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Jeremy Veras [03/14/2015 11:53 PM]
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Glenda Loftis [03/15/2015 1:08 AM]
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Sharon Cochran Franklin [03/15/2015 7:38 AM]
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Jeff Duncan [03/15/2015 3:56 PM]
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Paul Ray Mitchell [03/15/2015 3:56 PM]
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Kathy Malloy Rowland [03/15/2015 3:56 PM]
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Alton Barrow [03/16/2015 4:10 AM]
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Barry [04/05/2015 5:15 AM]
Re: Perry Stone, A soon to be Russian Invasion.

Okay, maybe I’m misreading the colour of the uniforms that I’m seeing on our TV news broadcasts, but aren’t those uniforms that are prodding the Russian Federation American? As no one has reported any Russian Federation troops on the Canadian side of the US border or within northern Mexico, then I hardly think that a Russian invasion is likely, though it does seem that the US is trying rather foolishly to take the fight right up to the Russians by prodding them for a fight over Ukraine and the Baltic states.


  • Reply April 8, 2016

    Carl Murphy

    Hogwash, plus it might be better if he actually used some punctuation between America and Then. Plus the article is over a year old. Like much of his other “prophesies” this one won’t come true either.

  • Reply April 8, 2016

    William DeArteaga

    Psychic nonsense.

  • Reply April 8, 2016

    Ben Wilson

    Actually, this is very informative. . . .it puts David Wilkerson in the same category as Joseph Smith and William Branham — as someone who had visitations from lying angels.

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