Pentecostal Theology: What kind of legacy are you leaving for your family?

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Susan Duckett |


What kind of legacy are you leaving for your family, for your children?

John Kissinger [09/11/2015 11:12 PM]

Susan Duckett [09/11/2015 11:25 PM]
Okay. Does this mean you are leaving an article or this is what you believe?

John Kissinger [09/12/2015 12:14 AM]
I will let you explain why sanctification is our legacy 🙂

Susan Duckett [09/12/2015 12:16 AM]
The question was what kind of legacy are YOU leaving for YOUR family but if you don’t have an answer that is okay. I know what my answer is.

John Kissinger [09/12/2015 12:21 AM]
the answer: sanctification!

Susan Duckett [09/12/2015 12:22 AM]
My heritage is that I watched my mother pray until she got an answer and it didn’t matter how many hours she had to be on her knees praying. I have seen people saved, healed, filled with the Holy Spirit, and I have been saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit. All three of my children are saved, healed, and I have no doubt they will be filled with the Spirit. We pray together. My son prayed for someone else the first time when he was

Ploy Play [09/13/2015 11:38 AM]
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Jackie Walls [09/13/2015 2:23 PM]
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