Pentecostal theology was born out of Revival

Pentecostal theology was born out of Revival

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Pentecostal theology was born out of Revival of Sprit anointed zeal, with hearts that were hungry for the kind of Christianity they read about in the New Testament, especially the book of Acts. Christian history has always had movements of people who swam against the tide of cold, formal, religious tradition seeking instead a fiery love for God and man that burns in the heart. A religion that, like the early church, turned the world upside down for Christ.
Many Pentecostal people are admittedly strangers to the creeds and customs of formal demoninations. Instead, what they know of Gpd has come from the Bible and the altar of prayer. You might say they are often ignorant and unlearned men but you must take knowledge of them that they have been with Jesus.

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