Pentecostal Theology: My view with the Sunday sermon

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My view with the Sunday sermon

My view with the Sunday sermon

John Kissinger [09/10/2015 11:45 PM]
Charles Page can read it under proper utterance 🙂

Henry Volk [09/11/2015 4:57 AM]
????? ??????!

John Kissinger [09/11/2015 5:16 AM]
ha-ha it’s NOT Russian Charles

Henry Volk [09/11/2015 6:28 AM]
????????? ????????????

Henry Volk [09/11/2015 6:30 AM]
?? ???????????

John Kissinger [09/11/2015 7:26 AM]
somebody obey GOD Charles Page

John Ruffle [09/11/2015 11:43 PM]
That’s my boy!

John Kissinger [09/12/2015 12:13 AM]
Volk dont you know its very offensive to speak in Russian to a post-communist person? Yuri Markov

Timothy Carter [09/12/2015 12:39 AM]
B are you serious?

John Kissinger [09/12/2015 1:26 PM]
just ask an Ukrainian (which I am not)

Timothy Carter [09/12/2015 3:00 PM]
I studied Russian, my tutor was a Latvian refugee. She doesn’t want to talk about it much. She had only been in U.S. a month when I met her.

Henry Volk [09/12/2015 4:28 PM]
My professor is Ukrainian, but grew up in Latvia. If my memory serves me right.

John Kissinger [09/12/2015 11:06 PM]
Volk, so you know Ukrainians have their own language right?

Henry Volk [09/13/2015 7:45 AM]
Yes, but doesn’t everyone still speak Russian also?

John Kissinger [09/13/2015 8:38 AM]
not really – nobody under the age of 25 probably

Henry Volk [09/13/2015 8:43 AM]
Really? I know in Belorussia they are starting to revitalize Belorussian. From what I’ve been told the opposite is true there, most younger people speak Russian while mostly only older people speak Belorussian. They don’t want the language to be lost. However, the Belorussians are far more friendly with Russia than the Ukrainians. I have some Ukrainian friends on VK and they are very much about cultivating a distinct Ukrainian identity. So, it’s very understandable why they would primarily speak Ukrainian obviously. However, I never would of thought speaking to someone in Russian would be considered offensive.

John Kissinger [09/13/2015 8:47 AM]
b/c it was enforced by a totalitarian social system #SIMPLE

Henry Volk [09/13/2015 8:50 AM]
Well, since this is a touchy subject for you, I won’t write you in Russian anymore.

John Kissinger [09/13/2015 8:56 AM]
it’s a touchy subject for most of Eastern Europe – think about it

Henry Volk [09/13/2015 8:56 AM]
I mean it makes sense.

Charles Page [09/13/2015 9:21 AM]
Russians have a vehicle to traverse their village and a car to travel to distant villages and towns but when they go abroad they mount a tank!

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