Pentecostal Theology and the Christian Spiritual Tradition

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Has anyone read this? If so, what are your thoughts?

Stan Wayne [02/29/2016 7:59 PM]
The word tradition is ghastly

Charles Page [02/29/2016 10:43 PM]
I wonder if anyone has read this and if they did -did they understand it? This is elites scholarship as denoted by the post “if anyone has read this” then you should comment.

Whatever happened to worshiping in small spaces in over crowded buildings and falling against hot stoves, grabbing a hot light bulb and yes handling a snake that had been unofficially brought into the service. The power came down and folks just starting yelling and shouting and speaking in tongues.

Karen Lucas [02/29/2016 11:21 PM]
Charles, with all due respect, this is the “Pentecostal Theology” Facebook page. This is a book about Pentecostal Theology. It’s an academic book and is not intended for wide audiences. It’s purpose is to describe and authenticate Pentecostal Theology within the broader context of Christian tradition, not to discredit it.

Vinson Synan [03/01/2016 7:56 AM]
I have not read it. Vinson

Charles Page [03/01/2016 12:43 PM]
Pentecostalism has exhausted itself! It comes about with traditions replacing “fresh fire”

Jeffry Woolston [03/01/2016 2:21 PM]
Pentecostalism is about ONE THING: Acts 1:8. Receiving power to make us effective witnesses unto Jesus Christ! “You shall receive power… you shall be witnesses! Everything else we try to make it is the vain tradition of men that makes the TRUE message of the Word of God ineffective!

David Rollings [03/01/2016 5:31 PM]
it is a good book.

Charles Page [03/01/2016 5:41 PM]
“Pentecostal spirituality is essentially affective trinitarianism.”

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