Diamonds in the Rough-N-Ready Pentecostal Series (Renewed)

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  • Reply February 16, 2023


    On this episode, Dr. Tony Richie returns as our guest to talk about the revival currently taking place among the students at Asbury University and Lee University. We also finish up our discussion of his book “Saved, Delivered, and Healed” by talking about the reality of spiritual warfare in the world today.

    Intro (0:00)

    A conversation about revival (3:48)

    Revival at Asbury University (6:00)

    Revival at Lee University (10:15)

    Tony’s theology of revival (17:16)

    We have to make disciples (21:55)

    Misguided attempts to “reduce revival” (28:20)

    Let’s talk about spiritual warfare (30:00)

    Is it the devil or a dead battery? (31:10)

    The devil a real being? Yes! (33:30)

    Spiritual warfare every day!? (35:50)

    We live on a battlefield – not a playground. (38:35)

    The anti-supernatural mindset of the global West and the problem of evil. (41:45)

    Pentecostal counter-culture (46:00)

    The devil attacks the mind (Logismoi) (49:50)

    Believing the lies of the devil (56:30)

    The “key” to spiritual warfare (58:37)

    Augustine and the “root” of sin (1:03:00)

    The whole armor of God (1:04:20)

    The importance of praying in the Spirit (1:05:10)

    Jesus is NOT arm wrestling the devil. (1:09:28)

    Conclusions (1:11:35)


    Visit here to purchase Tony’s latest book “Saved, Delivered, and Healed”

    Check out some of Tony’s other work too: Essentials of Pentecostal Theologyand Toward a Pentecostal Theology of Religions: Encountering Cornelius Today

    If you are in the Cleveland, TN area, be sure to check out our sponsor, North Cleveland Church of God.

  • Reply February 16, 2023


    Great written article, and thanks for the Continuationist history!!!!😎

    • Reply February 16, 2023


      Brian Angela Doyle you mean the graph ?

    • Reply February 16, 2023


      Troy Day I mean the graph, and I thought the written article sounds like some good topics

    • Reply February 17, 2023


      Brian Angela Doyle Do you have a staff that turns into a snake? If not, then you are a Cessationist: The Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts as He will. Some gifts are temporary, such as the signs of an Apostle. The offices of Prophet and Apostle were to lay the foundation of the Church (Eph. 3). That work was completed in the first century.

      Continuationism is not grounded in sound biblical exegesis.

    • Reply February 17, 2023


      Duane L Burgess this is simply history …

    • Reply February 17, 2023


      Brian Angela Doyle there are article bits that go with it We have posted them through the years AND may need to repost them again

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