Pat Robertson and the Spirit Filled Bible

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The commentary notes at the end contain a self-guide by Pat Robertson, named “Spiritual Answers to Hard Questions.” Power over demons is explained along with the process of exorcisms, without explicit statements about the influence of demons over born-again Christians (The Spiritual Warfare Bible does much better job on this one).

The subject on the Kingdom of God is also dealt with without any reference to Kingdom Now Theology, although explicitly lengthier and detailed in comparison to the rest of the subjects. The final note deserves special attention and should be hereby quoted in place of an epilogue: “Lack of forgiveness blocs access to the kingdom (of God) and its marvelous power. (See also Mt. 6:5-15; Mark 11:22-26).”

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  • Jon Ray
    Reply August 14, 2016

    Jon Ray

    Is Pat #WoF or #NaR Great respect for #Regent

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