Pastor encouraged research of Smith Wigglesworth

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Levi Allen Goff |


My Pastor encouraged me to research Smith Wigglesworth.
His faith was evident by his works. This is just what the Pentecostal movement needs today. Men of faith to produce works!

Peter A Vandever [09/26/2015 2:20 AM]
We need a few of them running around

Michael Marquez [09/26/2015 12:03 PM]
Agreed. But to walk in that type and intensity of the Anointing requires being 100% sold out to Christ. Most ChristIans in America are not willing to give their all. When we are full of self and “our way or the highway” mentality, how can we expect to be used like Brother Wigglesworth?

John Kissinger [09/26/2015 12:34 PM]
you simply MUST hear

Timothy Carter [09/26/2015 1:16 PM]
What we need is men and women who are committed to Holiness. Holiness is the heart of God the Father. We should strive to live in His heart. As we do we are cleaning up ourselves daily. And becoming more like Him- Holy. Holy = Love we can not have one with out the other. Rom 8 tells us that the Father searches our hearts and He finds the mind of the Spirit (Holy). That is how we are to be held responsible if we have obeyed Holy Spirit who is in side of us. We will not be responsible for”Did I ack like Smith W and Tozer or Someral (misspelled) We are responsible for maintaining the call Holy Spirit has placed on our personal life.

John Kissinger [09/26/2015 1:51 PM]
and what we have is men and women who want to speak in tongues without being sanctified and having holiness…

Levi Allen Goff [09/27/2015 12:26 AM]
“And Peter said to them, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” -Acts 2:37

In this statement made by Peter is revealed what needs to be done to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Then there is also the laying on of hands and baptism of the Holy Spirit as well, an experience Wigglesworth didn’t have until his late 40’s, but felt he had even before.

So we know there is water
baptism to receive the Holy Spirit, as well as a baptism of fire or immersion of the Holy Spirit.

I believe many Christians carry this anointing, not only is it limited to Pentecostals. But as Pentecostals we take the book of Acts very seriously. That being said, what we really need in order to use the gift of the Holy Spirit is #Boldness

Boldness to use the gift as described in Acts 4:23-31

Timothy Carter [09/27/2015 12:43 AM]
Levi Allen Goff what are you saying when you say water to receive Holy Spirit? Is water some how a conductor? If so then the Navy and all scuba divers must be havening a great time ?

Levi Allen Goff [09/27/2015 1:01 AM]
No my brother, I am being bold to say that, I know. As my denomination states that water baptism is simply a form of acknowledgement before men. In the Church of God that is what I am taught. This is stating that a water baptism is to show off as a proclamation of my faith in other words.

Mathew 3:16 states that by this act, the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus.

In Mathew 3:11 John the Baptist states that water baptism is for the forgiveness of sin.

Acts 2:38 also makes it clear that this is what the water is for. The water is a declaration before heaven and earth, that we are forgiven. How could I deny this? This is what the Bible says. Then it further elaborate in this same verse that after such forgiveness we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Afterwards in Acts 2:41 those who could receive the word that I’ve just said, were baptized and saved.

Just as Jesus used spit to operate as a catalyst between the mud from which a man came and his faith in God, I am led to believe that this water operated as a catalyst, not a conductor. Just as this spit did.

Levi Allen Goff [09/27/2015 1:12 AM]
But let’s say a man is first to receive the laying on of hands to receive the Holy Ghost, do I think he will not because he has not been baptized (in water for forgivness)? Ofcoarse not. For this is the manner that I personally received the Holy Spirit. It was later I was baptized in water. But that man ought to have a very clean heart before the Lord through prayer and perhaps fasting if necessary to receive the Holy Spirit.

This is a controversial topic in Pentecostalism today. I feel that men have overcomplicated this though. It is as simple as Peter said in Acts 2:38. The major factor is how do I act upon the gift I’m given? Through boldness.

Timothy Carter [09/27/2015 1:22 AM]
Thank you sir 🙂 very well explaned

James T Guyton [09/27/2015 4:35 AM]
They are here we just need to stop marginalizing them and support them

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  • Reply May 13, 2016

    Mary Ellen Nissley

    One of my favorites. I read of him and weep for the church of today.

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