Pastor Blames Paris

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Pastor Blames Paris

John Kissinger [11/17/2015 10:00 AM]
is this the same guy here?

John Kissinger [11/17/2015 10:04 AM]
a student perhaps? Rick Wadholm Jr

Corey Forsyth [11/17/2015 10:18 AM]
Yeah this guy is at least 3 fries short of a happy meal… I watched one sermon using the verse about “he that pisseth against the wall” and spun it as a sermon against men peeing sitting down and how modern men are becoming effeminate.

John Kissinger [11/17/2015 10:34 AM]
a student perhaps? Rick Wadholm Jr

Roger David [11/17/2015 6:40 PM]
His elevator definitely doesn’t go all the way to the top.

Glynn Brown [11/17/2015 7:09 PM]
What else can you expect from a king James only fanatic?

Ricky Grimsley [11/17/2015 7:44 PM]
You guys should watch him debate james white over kjv onlyism. It was pure gold.

John Kissinger [11/17/2015 7:45 PM]
well I just know masons are not Christians – that’s ALL!

John Conger [11/18/2015 8:14 AM]
So you had no problems with the oaths?

John Conger [11/18/2015 8:14 AM]
Diana the multi breasted goddess was good till the pagans started using it…… Stupid pagans

Glynn Brown [11/18/2015 11:12 AM]
King James onlyism is a cult that worships the Bible,and teaches a false gospel.

John Kissinger [11/18/2015 11:19 AM]
Glynn Brown what is your purpose for posting in this group, since you are a mason yourself?

Glynn Brown [11/18/2015 11:28 AM]
The same as you

Glynn Brown [11/18/2015 11:29 AM]
What faith is that?

Glynn Brown [11/18/2015 11:30 AM]
Are you Catholic?

John Kissinger [11/18/2015 11:30 AM]
It’s a good thing many/most Pentecostals are against membership in secret societies like masonic cults

Glynn Brown [11/18/2015 11:31 AM]
It’s neither a cult nor a secret society

John Kissinger [11/18/2015 11:33 AM]
“The largest Christian church in the world does not allow Masons to partake of communion and declares that participation in Masonry is a sin.”

Glynn Brown [11/18/2015 1:08 PM]
Masonry is not a secret society, all lodges clearly show the times and dates of every meeting. It’s a fraternity for men plain and simple.
The early church was a secret society, it meet in secret in the catacombs,which was only open to those that were initiated (confession of faith and water baptism) and had secret forms of recognition (one person would draw half of a fish in the sand,and the other person would draw the second half)

Glynn Brown [11/18/2015 1:10 PM]

Glynn Brown [11/18/2015 1:17 PM]
Are you king James only?
Kjvo fanatics are rabid anti masonic.

Glynn Brown [11/18/2015 7:35 PM]
I notice that ‘the largest church’ mentioned is the Roman Catholic church. The article didn’t have the brass to mention it by name. Does this mean they are inline with the Vatican?
And being ‘unequally yoked’ with unbelievers is referring to marriage with unbelievers. The article cannot even perform a proper exegesis of the scriptures.

Corey Forsyth [11/19/2015 2:10 AM]
Not that I believe I would be able to change your opinion at all but your mention of 2 Corinthians 6 being about marriage brings up an interesting question. It doesn’t specifically mention marriage. It talks about partnership. Even though its been used for marriage teachings, I don’t see it having specific implications toward marriage.

Glynn Brown [11/19/2015 5:19 AM]
It’s an allusion from Deuteronomy 22:10

When people get married, they used to say ‘let’s get hitched’

The verse has nothing to do with fellowshiping with unbelievers, or else Christ himself would have been guilty.(a friend of tax collectors and sinners)

Glynn Brown [11/19/2015 5:24 AM]
I answered every question put to me,yet I haven’t received any answers in return (which is very telling)

Corey Forsyth [11/19/2015 6:11 AM]
The level of arrogance in that statement is very telling… My question had little to do with masons and everything to do with posing a question about that verse (which is my understanding of the purpose of this group). As far as masons are concerned, I do not understand their purpose in the first place. I get Shriners but what are the masons outside of a fraternal club for men who feel the need to be in a pseudo secret club?

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