Pagan religions

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Mark Anthony C Rufon |


“…It has been frequently remarked that in pagan religions the doctrinal element is at a minimum —the chief thing there is the performance of a ritual. But this is precisely where Christianity distinguishes itself from other religions—it does contain doctrine.”
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  • Varnel Watson
    Reply November 5, 2017

    Varnel Watson

    many of these on the head stones of MLWK Street Preacherz

    • Street Preacherz
      Reply November 5, 2017

      Street Preacherz

      Mr Troy Day many large cities self identify by their airports. Milwaukee is MKE. Its a reference point. In the Federal pen it’s the Area code. Our Area code is 414.
      Some of our nicknames are, “brew city” for obvious reasons, “cream city” for the beautiful cream color brick the valley used to produce. And “pimp school.” I think your mistake is harmless but it’s MKE for future reference. Thanks. Milwaukee is from an old Indian word meaning the gathering place. The river valley was rich in game and wild rice. So the tribes would gather together here. That was before our famous bridge wars. In the early days there were power struggles and much contention. To the point that bridges to join the parts of the villages together were burned. To day with it’s natural boundarie’s and economic depression we remain in the top 5 segregated cities in America. For what it’s worth my very limited social media efforts on YouTube and Twitter are MKE4JESUS.
      I’ll try to get to the article today. I was considering posting an article on the rise of the death cult that I read but decided against it. Is there a measure of the economic boom and the spiritual cost of Halloween in America?

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