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PentecostalTheology.com: 3,000 articles later

In the first 9 months alone Since its start, PentecostalTheology.com has published 2,400+ news articles and theological discussions. Just for a comparison, this is almost ten articles daily – more than many other charismatic media agencies out there and matching reader ratings of CharismaMag. Thank you for participating in the project!

John Kissinger [11/16/2015 8:02 AM]

Tom Steele [11/16/2015 9:58 AM]
Interesting, I had no idea you guys only started this 9 months ago. I may have to share some of the articles I have written on here.

John Kissinger [11/16/2015 10:12 AM]
Started 02.16.15 and already beating the Mag. We will be improving the website with the help of Link Hudson and Alan N Carla Smith

Charles Page [11/16/2015 6:43 PM]
I have made a great contribution to this group, thank you!!!

John Kissinger [11/16/2015 6:55 PM]
yes Charles Page has helped maintain the integrity of the group, not to mention the good tone and sound eschatology Alan N

Alan N Carla Smith [11/16/2015 8:23 PM]
Toooting his open horn! Great at that

John Kissinger [11/16/2015 8:25 PM]
Link Hudson has given some good suggestions to consider – as removing the ads and move the discussion on site for better visibility and far superior search options than FB…

John Kissinger [11/17/2015 3:43 PM]
there’s also the Buddy Press platform which is basically a dedicated facebook which Alan N Carla Smith and Charles Page have used before [I think]

Charles Page [11/17/2015 3:54 PM]

John Kissinger [11/17/2015 3:55 PM]
old and chunky yes you are Alan N Carla Smith Timothy Carter

Charles Page [11/17/2015 3:57 PM]
I’m a large diamond since I got entirely sanctified!!!

Link Hudson [11/17/2015 4:21 PM]
If the forum weren’t on facebook and I didn’t get notifications, I don’t know that I would participate. I check too many links as it is.

Charles Page [11/17/2015 4:30 PM]
now they have changed the notification sound and my computer sounds like door chimes all day long.

Link Hudson [11/17/2015 5:44 PM]
I think I have the sound turned off.

John Kissinger [11/17/2015 7:25 PM]
Link Hudson we have a much superior app than fb and it does notify you of new events

Charles Page [11/17/2015 7:32 PM]
superior app means heavy w/censorship – moderated by old church women!

Charles Page [11/17/2015 7:32 PM]
cept these are wearing pants!!!

Link Hudson [11/17/2015 7:40 PM]
Like ‘mother superior’ with pants?

John Kissinger [11/17/2015 7:42 PM]
2,400 articles for 9 months doesnt sound like much moderation if you ask me Link Hudson cross-posts to medias witch much more superior moderation Alan N Carla Smith

Link Hudson [11/17/2015 9:55 PM]
I haven’t seen that much moderating here. But I did post one message linking to an angry anti-Pentecostal dude who said that Tomlinson or the early COG taught that if you weren’t in the denomination, you were on your way to Hell, preached against drinking coke, and things like that. I wan’ted to know if that was true. i think the post was deleted.

Btw, what have I actually cross posted off of the forum? I might have posted something here I’ve posted elsewhere, but I don’t think I’ve taken someone else’s post. I did post a link to Tomlinson’s diary on another forum, but that’s publically available information.

Charles Page [11/17/2015 9:59 PM]
I have made post against COG that were deleted. They won’t let you name names, they are afraid the right people will read it.

John Kissinger [11/18/2015 9:49 AM]
Link Hudson to add to that, from time to time people in the group just report posts, etc. For example, our original mapping post board user “Pentecostal Theology” was reported by someone in the group and is now suspended by FB and undergoing some mandatory revisions

John Kissinger [11/24/2015 9:31 AM]
11/24 UPDATE: some ads have been removed to open access to more discussion via the website: http://churchinfluence.com/illegal-content-is-your-website-breaking-the-law/

John Kissinger [11/27/2015 8:05 AM]
11/27 update – Link Hudsons to post author and fb location now placed on top of each post for better cross-referencing

John Kissinger [12/04/2015 7:53 AM]
DECEMBER 1, 2015 UPDATE 2,500+ http://www.pentecostaltheology.com/2500-posts-and-2500-members-in-pentecostal-theology-facebook-group/

John Kissinger [12/04/2015 7:54 AM]
DECEMBER 2, 2015: Avatars in comments are now restored. BTW John Conger your new avatar is messing me up 🙂

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