Open Minded Christian: How To Engage Charitably

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My book The Open Minded Christian: How To Engage Charitably With Fellow Sinners is available on Amazon for $3.99.

If you would like to be reminded that you were right all along, this is certainly not the piece for you. Richard Bushey, an evangelical Protestant author, walks the reader through all of the missteps that his fellow Christians have made in the debate arena and in interactions with non-believers. He recognizes that open-mindedness is not to allow sin in our midst, nor to say that all religious claims are of equal worth. He thinks that Christians can take back open-mindedness – that we do not need to compromise our faith to be open-minded or tolerant, anymore than a mathematician needs to compromise the sum of 2+2 being 4 to be open-minded.

Mr. Bushey suggests that as we fulfill the Great Commission, we need to allow our love to be our seat at the table. This means that the love that we show for people, whether believers or unbelievers, will determine whether they let us in and listen to us. We can either be the people standing outside, holding signs, screaming, or we can be inside, at the table, talking about things that matter. In this book, Mr. Bushey explains why people have such a problem with being open-minded, tolerant, and handling disagreements and how we can overcome it.

Note: After several objections and having to explain myself too many times, I have changed the subtitle from ‘why christians need to be tolerant’ to ‘how to engage charitably with fellow sinners.’ This communicates the message of my book much better.

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