Only One Thing is Needed

Only One Thing is Needed

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Pastor Shane Brown gives a Bible-based teaching revealing the highest calling of a Christian.

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  • Reply February 18, 2024

    Troy Day

    The bulk of people I grew up with did hear the Good News. Some simply shrugged off the truth, but others appeared to believe in the Living Word. These folks were regular churchgoers, and some even held positions in man-made committees tasked with catering to the needs of those sitting in the pews.

    Whether it be those who claim to be Christians and those who are not – there is that propensity for a communication breakdown in the event there was a crossing of paths. Mention the word ‘rapture,’ and everything goes beyond a storm in a teacup. Speechless indifference if not a tirade of repudiation – maybe even outright mockery in the form of bad-tasting jokes.

    Then there are those who resort to a pseudo-intellectual argument based on half-baked teachings. It could be allegorical interpretations or purely apostate chatter based on the likes of the prosperity gospel, replacement theology, and church growth dogmas.

    They will cling to the world and extoll the virtues of putting on the fallen nature.

    On this note, there is mockery and denial of Scriptural truth. To these individuals, the Good News is old news, very much likened to the fairy tales which have almost eluded their mental lexicons. So much so that they put their weight on a litany of misleading narratives. When challenged, they would display angst as if their personal pride was gravely wounded!

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