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Peter A Vandever | PentecostalTheology.com


On the theological altar today is the doctrine of the “Local Church.” It is time we realize we live in the times that prophets only dreamed about and we realize this wineskin is history

Eric Jones [09/04/2015 6:09 AM]
The operation of the Body consists of: teaching/preaching, worship, fellowship, edification, evangelism. You can live in the millennial bubble while in your Starbucks technological world but there will always be the need for the local presence of the Body. What you are saying is there is a “mega-family” ideal of God. Just as there will always be family units, there will be smaller units of the Body of Christ. The ideological concept of multitudes of mindless followers “tuning in” to whatever their superstar Jesus figure is doing to replace the local manifestation of the Body is not realistic. Discipleship cannot happen by cyber connections.

Peter A Vandever [09/04/2015 6:13 AM]
I find it odd that you use the term Body. At the heart of that is the issue. The Church,while can be named as a “body” is first and foremost a Bride of Christ. When you see the Church as the Bride before the Body; your point of view radical changes. 🙂

Peter A Vandever [09/04/2015 6:14 AM]
Btw, Discipleship is seriously over-rated in the Western church!

Eric Jones [09/04/2015 6:45 AM]
No it is not overrated, especially when it is the last command of Christ. Paul described it as a body in function. Now you are picking out your favorite parts of Scripture. I guess in the cyber bride movement you can do that.

Peter A Vandever [09/04/2015 6:46 AM]
You sure? I could prove it it is not easy. Matthew was the only one to even discussion it. Acts 1:7-8 is the very last words of Jesus….. he has an emphasis on his mind but that was not it 🙂

Peter A Vandever [09/04/2015 6:47 AM]
The Church is the Bride of Christ….. the whole body thing is a Pastor’s dream…… it feeds their ego 🙂

Eric Jones [09/04/2015 6:53 AM]
You need to discuss the Body thing with Paul and the Holy Spirit. Jesus talked much about being a disciple.. Shoot! He even made some Himself. He then told them to go and do the things He did. Disciple making is not overly practiced in the western “whatever you want to call it” because it is too personal and requires too much commitment. Still, the local manifestation of Christ is meeting in libraries, schools, specially designed buildings, homes, etc. They will continue until He returns. I think you have been out in the sun too long.

Peter A Vandever [09/04/2015 6:57 AM]
It is there but it is one of many way use to discuss the called out ones…. I find it to be one example that pastors love to use…. much like discipleship….another pastoral pet peeve…. Revelation 22:17 is the last time we heard about people of God and we are identified as the Bride. 90% of what we call discipleship is really just brianwashing. I never did it as a pastor and I wouldn’t if I ever pastor again.

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