Not of This World – By Steve Schmutzer

Not of This World – By Steve Schmutzer

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I’m guessing a lot of you are like me. You see very little – if anything – in our world right now that subscribes to common sense and sound judgment.

Those of us who have diligently prayed for wisdom and spiritual discernment sense a suffocating cloak of evil that is enveloping all that is virtuous and proper. What’s good is bad, and what’s black is white, and what’s up is down.

“Confusion,” on the best side of this entire assessment – is not of God. And nobody who is rational should question the source of evil.

It’s self-evident that we live in times when those with “depraved minds” are calling the shots (Romans 1:28). The Greek term used here essentially means these are minds “that no longer function as they are supposed to.”

I think that much is obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than a fencepost.

The bad guys are routinely getting away with every form of corruption, every show of injustice, and every display of fraud. Meantime, those of us who believe in law and order are being systematically painted as the ones in the wrong.

The same political chaos that has torn our own nation apart is viciously attacking the foundations of other countries’ governing structures. Israel is a great case in point. Insanity has marinated the mindset of the deluded liberals who rabidly protest under the guise of ‘saving democracy,’ even as their own violence and statements show their real motive is to remove all responsible institutions of leadership.

Lies abound and multiply daily. It is impossible to keep up with all of them. It used to be that our leaders were publicly shamed for telling a lie. Now they are roasted for speaking the truth.

Deception has become the darling of a world order that no longer wants to be accountable to the facts.

Even the most basic elements of common sense are being tossed out the window with enthusiastic abandon. Those that instruct us one moment to trust “science” (“The jab is what you need”) are the same folks who excoriate anyone who DOES trust REAL science on matters of gender (“No, men cannot get pregnant”).

Every institution and industry whose heritage and ‘ethos’ has been focused on supplying, caring for, and meeting the welfare needs of humanity is being eroded and assaulted. The new globalist agenda amounts to an evil effort to boost the bottom line of undertakers.

From jabs to genitals, from healthcare to agriculture, from doctors to teachers, and from bugs to eggs – – one thing is clear: it’s all a highly choreographed machine that is intent upon reducing the human population.

The most basic tenants of the integrity of law, elections, and justice no longer apply. Rules are covertly bent – and if necessary, overtly broken – to put down, put out, and put away anyone or anything that is a threat to a radical and depraved agenda.

It is abundantly apparent to EVERYONE this is what’s happening. One group sees it and cares deeply about what is going on. The other group sees it just as clearly, and they celebrate the patently obvious corruption (Romans 1:32).

Make no mistake about it – the things in our society that were once considered fringe or marginal, and the passions that were once kept ‘in the closet,’ have since become mainstream. Indeed, they are now endorsed! What’s truly wrong has now become right.

Yep – it’s a messed-up world, and it’s only going to get worse. Nope – I’m not a wet blanket.

I’m a truth-teller.

Anyone like me who responsibly reads and studies the Scriptures knows that all these things – and others like them – are only going to worsen over time. Jesus likened the chaos and erosion of our planet and our societies to “birth pangs” (Matt. 24:8). They will come more frequently and with greater impact as His Second Coming draws near. The bottom line is our present world is in a death spiral.

For me, as I know it is the case for many of you, the reality of our depraved times is a stark reminder that we are indeed “aliens and strangers” in this world if we have chosen to follow Jesus Christ (John 17:16; Philippians 3:20; 1 Peter 2:11; Et al.).

This world is not our true home. Any efforts to make it that will only invite ruin and disappointment. It is the faithful believer that places their greatest hope in the soon appearing of our Lord and Savior to take us out of this fallen world (Titus 2:13).

Or, as Larry Norman once sang it:

“What a mess the world is in; I wonder who began it.
Don’t ask me; I’m only visiting this planet.”

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