North Korea is at it again! They’ve been threatening America…

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Bruce Donovan |

Frightening!! This is serious problem!!

North Korea is at it again! They’ve been threatening America for months, and this weekend they tested a new missile system. And now, according to the Pentagon, North Korea has upped the ante by doing THIS! Via CNN: U.S. Intelligence satellites have spotted signs that North Korea may be preparing for…

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  • Reply April 12, 2016

    Chad Burns

    Like the catch phrase goes. W.W.R.D. What Would Reagan Do?
    He’d have 5-6 nuclear subs pop up off their coast and put on alert as he made a national address warning america as to the danger we are in and make an address to the leaders of n. Korea that we need to have a peace talk before they force us to wipe them out in a pre emptive strike, and a sign they accept the invitation to a peace talk would be to cease and desist any and all works that could be perceived as threatening acts… he would then go to n. Korea with 10 boat loads marines at his side and offer to help them with medical needs if they’d be ever so kind as to release prisoners like christians who are in prisons on political charges and either disarm or stop threatening the USA. Then he’d show them our automatic firing mechanism that fires at them if they launch against us and show them our counter attack neutralizing balistic rockets that would tale out their missiles before they were even 100 miles from our shores. Then he’d smile and ask if we have a deal…
    That’s what Ronald ray-gun would do… maybe.

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