No one knows about that day or hour* but only…

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Dnanidref Cotog Solaba |


No one knows about that day or hour* but only the Father. (Matthew 24:36)

Jesus spoke to his weak brothers like a weak one too. Not only that. He exalted his father as the source of deep secrets and thus he is the only one who can reveal it but in the proper time. For it is not for the weak to understand the deep things of God. But they will soon know all when they will be empowered by the spirit who will come from the father.

*The day or hour he was refering to is the thousand years of the man whom God appointed to execute a fair judgment for the whole world. Fair because the world will be freed from the control of the evil one. Therefore it will be so bright and no one will have an excuse if he will still follow evil rather than good. This appointed judge will expose everything hidden so that it will be fair when he will declare whether a man is righteous or wicked. On that day or hour, this man who will judge is Jesus together with his body, the saints.

That thousand years will be like the last days of the ancient world before it was destroyed by the great flood. They were called as the days of Noah where different kinds of creatures, clean or unclean, were led into the ark. It is the same with the last days of this present world, the saints headed by Jesus is leading many people to salvation.

But as the ancient world has watched the events but knew nothing, so also this present world is watching now but can’t understand what is happening and they will just go on with their own ways.

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