My job is to spread the truth! No matter the…

My job is to spread the truth! No matter the…

My job is to spread the truth! No matter the cost. Some would say I’m bashing people or some pm me and ask me why I’m causing division in their churches. God’s word is not meant to make you feel good when your preaching half truths. If your pulling a David and committing innocents to slaughter, then you can call me Nathan. If your pulling a Peter and denying those whom Christ would accept, you can call me Paul. If you’ve lost your first love and hold to the doctrine of Nicholas, you can call me John. Either way I’ve been sent by God to show you the right path. If you continue in falsehood, you can bet I’ll be there! I will not stop, I will not turn aside, I will not be discouraged, for the Lord is my strong tower. If your church is starting to wonder, then maybe you should too! The Lord hates a prideful heart. To those whose eyes have been opened, you are truly blessed for tonight all of heaven rejoices. To those whose hearts have been hardened, I’m Josiah. And I’m coming to tear down your idols, smash your false temples, and break your doctrine into pieces. I will leave no stone unturned! You don’t have to join me, or accept me. But I don’t unfriend people because my fight is not against you, but your principles of falsehood. I know you truly believe your doctrine is truth and my is heresy. Satan is rooted deep into Christian theology. I will pull those roots, and cast them into the fire. In Jesus name. Amen.

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  • Reply July 22, 2020

    Kyle Williams

    Satan is rooted deep in Christian theology? If Satan is in it…ITS NOT CHRISTIAN!

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