My Dear Fat Pastors…

My Dear Fat Pastors…

My Dear Fat Pastors…

My Dear Fat Pastors…

Quite the challenge. I can say that I have brought under conviction in this area and I am quickly learning that food can be and is as addictive and anything around. It isn’t easy to let go of the unhealthy food options I have partaken in for so long.

Morry Deed [02/08/2016 6:48 PM] Having had great difficulty in kicking the cigarettes through my Christian life I always found it unfair when an obese person would comment on my habit so I would ask when they were “losing weight”. Though in all fairness I think as Christians we overthink life and put excessive limitations upon ourselves forgetting that Christ made the way to God not us.

John Kissinger [02/08/2016 8:37 PM] Bill Coble can give us some GOOD advice here

Troy Day [02/09/2016 8:34 AM] Joel Barker lost some weight recently too

Faye Cox [02/10/2016 10:52 AM] Faye Cox liked this on Facebook.

John Kissinger [02/20/2016 5:29 PM] -Bryan Fire and brimstone preaching burns the most.

-Laura Lee – Depends are you full of the Spirit? I know when I am going I can burn up to 600-800 calories, that includes praise and worship.

-Marius: the pentacostal/holiness ones that “whoop” and “shout” (dance, not scream loud lol) burn the most

Senora: “binding and rebuking” probably involves more aerobic exercise.

-Johny: Well I am BaptiCostal I absoulutely shout move and never stand behind the pulpit. I am sure it is a lbunch of calories. I need to get a HRM I guess and find out.

-Lauderm: According to theatrical acting burns 332 Calories per hour, for a 240 lbs man. Preaching requires much of the same energy and posture as acting – so this may be close.

Susan: I’m Full Gospel/Assembly of God pentecostal and when the Holy Ghost anointing falls I dance and have no pain.. A person weighing 250 pounds burns 255 calories Teaching, leading, counseling, mentoring. Most pastors are way pass 250lb

Corey Forsyth [02/20/2016 5:32 PM] Well I ought to burn a good bit tomorrow!! Preaching from Acts 16 about ‘Getting Fed Up!’ 🙂 Then continuing my series on the compound names of God with Jehovah-Jireh

John Kissinger [02/20/2016 5:34 PM] Setting up for a 32pg-notes message. Many calories involved 🙂

Corey Forsyth [02/20/2016 5:35 PM] lol Take the batteries out of everyone’s watches and all the clocks! LOL

John Kissinger [02/20/2016 5:38 PM]

Corey Forsyth [02/20/2016 5:40 PM] Those aren’t notes… That’s the beginning of a manuscript! haha

John Kissinger [02/20/2016 5:41 PM]
These are just the first few pages. There’s more prepared digitally. Some key words are see through 🙂 This is not just a sermon – it is an experience

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