MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!?….and happy Hanukkah

John Conger |

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!?….and happy Hanukkah to those still following the law ?

John Conger [12/14/2015 2:35 PM]
And YES I know its not in the law…

Steve Webb [12/14/2015 4:51 PM]
Here’s a question…is/was Hanukkah fulfilled by the conception of Christ?
And while not in the Law, Jesus did observe Hanukkah in John.

John Conger [12/14/2015 5:13 PM]
I don’t know about fulfilled in Christ, but I see nothing wrong with celebrating Hanukkah. Just a celebration of one of God’s miracles. And the temporary triumph was even prophesied about in the old testament. But why celebrate it when you can celebrate the birth of Christ. I don’t believe it should take the place of Christmas

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  • Reply December 25, 2016

    Street Preacherz

    The nation of Israel is God’s living testimony of his faithfulness, foresight, and provision. For that I love it. On the law, once the law kills you you have no need for it. Christ is enough, his grace is enough, his mercy is enough, his blood is enough…

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