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John Kissinger
[11/04/2015 4:47 PM]
1. you sprinkle infants and call it baptism

Timothy Carter [11/05/2015 9:09 AM]
Is this a baptism?

Charles Page [11/05/2015 9:31 AM]
A Bapticostal interprets a message in tongues: “thus saith I the Lord thy God, when I regenerated thee I also did sanctify thee”

Timothy Carter [11/05/2015 9:47 AM]
I’ve always been curious why is it when these interpretations come there in King James English?

Charles Page [11/05/2015 9:54 AM]
cuz that is the language of God!!!

Charles Page [11/05/2015 9:57 AM]
ever heard a NIV or NASV interpretation. It would be impossible to know if the word was correct or true! The only person who know if it were true would be Karl Barth!

Timothy Carter [11/05/2015 10:04 AM]
Karl Barth LOL. … I would like to hear some prophecy giving out in the style of the Message it is pretty straightforward 🙂

John Kissinger [11/05/2015 11:45 AM]
2. if you believe in salvation but NOT in sanctification…

Timothy Carter [11/05/2015 3:38 PM]
If you believe in salvation but not in sanctification what does that really mean?

Salvation is becoming the child of God. ” and he gave it to them the power ( grace) to become the children of God.”

Sanctification ” sanctify yourself daily”

” be holy for God is holy”



On and on the Word goes instructing us that it is our choice to remain clean. Instructing us that it is our choice to grow in the Christian life.

Sanctification is to be set apart for/ before God.

How can a person not believe in this?

I understand there are some in mature people who have never heard the gospel before. But we are talking about those who claim to have studied well enough to have actually come to a real conclusion right?

Link Hudson [11/05/2015 5:01 PM]
Funny meme, but do Mississippians speak any less plainly than most other southerners?

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    Varnel Watson

    and most ARE Joe Absher

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